Icarus Power Generation is an authorized dealer of solar PV modules and inverter technology.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Engineering – Icarus will provide a combination of In-house system design and engineeringexpertise, backed by years of successful experience in the solar industry. We will engineer your system best suited to maximize the potential of your site and keep within your budget.

Procurement – Our large buying power will benefit you. Icarus maintains a network of equipment and service providers from the solar industry to give you access to multiple technological solutions custom designed for your situation.

Construction – is Icarus’ number one strength. Having constructed nearly 300 rooftop installations in Ontario since 2009, you can depend on Icarus for the highest quality installation, guaranteed.

Installation and Equipment Warranty

Icarus provides installation workmanship warranties to complement our supplier equipment performance warranties. Warranties can range up to 25 years, consult our experts now.

Maintenance and Monitoring
(SMI and SMI Ultra)

Icarus Solar Maintenance and Inspection (SMI) – Solar modules run efficiently when they are inspected regularly and if repairs are required, they are made immediately. Icarus offers maintenance and monitoring services to keep your system operating at peak efficiency so that you maximize your return on your solar investment.

Icarus Solar Maintenance and Inspection Plus (SMI Ultra) – Icarus now offers Aerial Solar Inspection services for solar – these are cutting edge technologies such as infra-red photography. Using a remote controlled drone, Icarus will take infrared photos of your solar installation and transmit those photos to you in real time. This provides immediate operating feedback , allows you to immediately correct any performance deficiencies, and will greatly increase the productivity of your system.

Project Management and Operations

Icarus acts as the single point of contact and manages FIT contract applications, permitting, contractors, local distribution companies, ESA and project timing.

Icarus manages projects through their entire life cycle.

Once construction is complete and the project is in operation we offer an extensive line of operational services including accounting, maintenance, monitoring and other preventive practices to keep your up time up.


Icarus provides site assessment and financial analysis based on site specifics and project budget. Icarus will assess the revenue generation potential of your roof top or land and propose a project with an attractive rate of return revenue either through leasing or ownership of the system.

FIT Contract Acquisition

Icarus will lead you through the application process for a Feed in Tariff (FIT) contract from the Ontario Power Authority. Read more. www.powerauthority.on.ca


Working through a wide network of private investors as well as institutional funders like TD Financial Services Dealer, Icarus can help you secure the financing required to build your project.


Icarus provides comprehensive post installation training for facility management staff on all aspects of the system so as to ensure optimum system performance while maintaining warranty coverage. Pre Installation, Installation, and Construction Training are also available.
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