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IPG ELECTRIC INC An Icarus Power Generation Company

IPG Electric is a full-service electrical contractor delivering quality electrical contracting, project management, and ongoing service and maintenance in Ontario since 2009. Our team of trades and technology professionals is dedicated to providing the right solution for any stage of your project’s lifecycle. With the capacity and expertise to deliver projects in the commercial, institutional/industrial and renewable energy sectors, you can count on IPG Electric.

Through our in-house staff of Electricians, Mechanical Technicians and Civil Works Specialized, IPG Electric is pleased to offer the following featured services.

Smart Energy Solutions for Buildings

  • Turnkey, Solar Energy Systems designed and built to provide clean, reliable energy production
    and supply.
  • Retrofits for Energy Efficient Upgrades in Lighting – for Industrial, Commercial, Interior and
    Exterior applications
  • Automation Sensors, Controls & Smart Energy Systems in buildings (Automatic Lighting)
  • Standby and Ancillary Power Generators for Industrial and Commercial Applications
  • Energy Storage for Peak Shaving and Demand Management Solutions (Coming Soon!)
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Featured supplier to MTO – Ministry of Transportation Ontario – EVCO Program 2016/2017/2018

Property Management support

  • General Electrical and Equipment Services Upgrades
  • Maintenance for Switch Gear, Service Panels and Transformers
  • Electrical Safety Inspection and Commissioning Reports
  • Code Compliance, Conductor Rewiring (Replacement of part or all existing wiring with new
    updated wiring)
IPG Electric electricians are licensed and work within the parameters of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. When you hire Level, you are hiring Fully Insured, WSIB compliant, and Certified Electricians. We will lead the planning and permitting process of your job, implement and install, then complete the work with all required inspections and certifications, including all ESA certifications.
IPG stands behind its work and offers an extended Two Year Workmanship Warranty that provides you with the comfort you will not be hit with any additional costs to repair work that was put in within the last three years. This warranty program requires an annual visit to the site to check on the work that was performed and to make sure the work is in safe working condition. If workmanship problems are found they are repaired at no additional cost to you. IPG prides itself in backing up its workmanship with warranty services.
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