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In Germany, the world’s first renewable energy economy, 40% of wind turbines are owned by communities.

What is Community Power?

Community Power is a type of sustainable energy project, which is owned, developed and controlled, either fully or partially, by the residents of those communities in which the project is located.

Icarus believes in the concept of Community Power. In conventional energy systems, like that of Ontario, at least 75 cents of each energy dollar leaves the local economy (courtesy of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities).
According to the Iowa Policy Project locally owned renewable energy projects generate 5-10 times more local economic benefits than do conventional ownership models.

Icarus’ Protocol
For every generator Icarus builds, before we even begin to assess the basic requirements of a power plant, we assess the possibility of ownership or partnership opportunities within the local community. The very first thing we determine is: can we- through information, training and investment- involve the community in some way?

Icarus understands the importance of Community Power, and all of the benefits that come with it:

  • Community energy projects keep money in the community by creating economic growth, educating residents, reducing pollution and dealing with energy security issues
  • Generating energy closer to where it is consumed brings transmission and distribution costs down
  • Locally generated renewable energy educates residents of how electricity is produced and consumed, hence promoting community conservation
  • The Ontario Power Authority’s FIT program includes a bonus for community renewable energy projects

For more Community Power information, visit OSEA

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