Rent your roof.

Four simple steps to renting your rooftop:
1- FREE evaluation.
2- Rental agreement.
3- Installation.
4- Collect your rent.

Rent your Roof

1. Apply for a FREE evaluation

  • It all starts with you! Get one of our solar experts to complete a free assessment today.
  • Apply now by clicking here or by calling us at +(905) 836 0108
  • Our team will design and engineer a solar system that is custom fit to your home.
  • There is no obligation to sign a contract. At this stage we are simply trying to determine if your roof is suitable for solar.
  • Once your house is qualified, one of our representatives will contact you.

2. Sign the Rent-Your-Roof Agreement

  • One of our knowledgeable solar sales consultants will walk you through the program.
  • Then Icarus Power will:
    • Apply on your behalf to the MicroFIT program to the Ontario Power Authority.
    • Verify the eligibility with your Local Distribution Company (Your Hydro Company).
    • Apply for and obtain any documents required by the city.
  • Don’t worry! Icarus Power will take care of all of the details as you sit back and relax.

3. Installation

  • Our group of professionally trained installers will handle your customized installation process.
  • They will:
    • Schedule your installation
    • Deliver the equipment
    • Install the Quick Mount and racking system which will hold the solar modules in place.
    • Place the solar modules on your roof.
    • Handle all the electrical wiring and inverter set up.
    • Carefully disconnect and reconnect to your Local Distributor Company’s power grid.
  • When completed, your home will be ready to provide Ontario with clean and limitless energy.

4. Cash your Cheque / Earn Money

  • Enjoy your guaranteed payments for the next 20 years while Icarus Power maintains and monitors your system.